Our Mission

Your NHS prescription ordered, sorted into pouches by date, time & dose and delivered to your door – every month.

Simplifying Pharmacy

Nearly half, 48%, of adults have taken at least one prescribed medicine in the last week, and almost a quarter, 24%, have taken three or more. 

Our mission is to simplify pharmacy, how people access their medication and to help them stick to their treatment (where ever they are) through an innovative, first of its kind in the UK, personalised Pill Concierge Service.

We make it our mission to make sure all your pills are received/re-ordered monthly & correctly/optimally sorted into daily, travel-friendly personalised labelled pouches – and delivered directly to your door- helping you to never miss a dose!

We even, as your one-stop destination online pharmacy, deliver, along with your personalised pouches, any boxed pharmacy items, such as creams, liquids, inhalers, that you may need. 

Plus, we have a pharmacist always “on tap”, for you to talk to…

Easy To Manage

No more unpacking of all your pills, sorting your medication into doses and trying to work out which pills to take and when.

Our Values

Pharmacy Concierge Service

We believe in putting people at the centre of all our services. We call it Pharmacy Concierge Service

Customer Service

We take pride in our customer service. Our pharmacy has been serving the local community for 30 years and is trusted by more than 10,000 patients to manage their medication.


We can help improve the population's health and save the NHS valuable wasted funds (over £90 million worth of unused prescriptions are currently being stock piled/wasted in our homes!) by re-ordering medications the population needs only.


We put people and their individual needs first. We believe healthcare needs to be more individual catering for people’s needs.

We are proud of our success

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We are here to help you

iPill is an online pharmacy delivering pharmacy items FREE to your door