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Your NHS prescription ordered, organised into pouches by dose, date & time – and delivered to your door – every month

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With over 40 years of pharmacy experience, it's no wonder over 10,000 health enthusiasts love iPill

We deliver all your pouches & pharmacy items to your door for FREE

EACH month, we; 

1. Pre-Sort your Pills

into clearly labelled pouches by dose, date & time - in the order they need to be taken.

2. Deliver To Your Door

ALL your pouches & pharmacy items all in one go, discreetly to your door.

3. Automatically ReOrder

your repeat prescription from you GP (so that you don't have to), making sure you never run out of medication again!



Talk with our pharmacists about your Prescription

Serving England with 40+ years experience, iPill is a different kind of innovative pharmacy who works with over 200 GP’s. iPill are the first to launch and leaders within pouching services for the NHS in England and their constant personalised focus on their patients has seen them grow to be the largest online pharmacy in Richmond, Top 5 in Southwest London and to over 10,000 happy patients across England each year. Patients love our innovative pouching & NHS repeat prescriptions services so much that, once they try it, they never go back to how it was.

Like all UK pharmacies we are regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council and our Online Doctor service is regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

Happy Faces of Happy Customers

I no longer have to worry about ordering my prescriptions or running out of medication each month! Nor do I have to collect from the Pharmacy! This service is literally God sent...
Sarah Avery​

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We deliver all your pharmacy items to your door for FREE

EACH month, we; 

1. Pre-Sort your Pills For FREE

We sort your pills into clearly labelled pouches by dose, date & time, and in order they need to be taken. Simply tear off the travel-friendly and easy-to-open pouch(es) that you require - and off you go!

2. Deliver To Your Door for FREE

We optimise and sort your medication to ensure you are taking your medication in the best possible order - and then discreetly deliver to your door. We also deliver all your other pharmacy items, such as creams, liquids, inhalers and controlled drugs along with your delivery.

3. Automatically ReOrder Prescriptions

We keep track of all your medications, automatically re-order the ones you need from your GP (so that you don’t have to) and make sure you never run out. We use state of the art sorting robots & highly qualified pharmacists, for 100% accuracy.

iPill is an online pharmacy delivering pharmacy items FREE to your door